5 Reasons to Start Strength Training

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Strength training isn’t just for those who want to become big.

If you want something that makes bones strong, helps metabolism and brain function, strength training is for you.

Here are the specific reasons why everyone should consider strength training.

1. Strength training builds bone strength.

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Bone mass is like muscle mass: use it or lose it.

Good news is, when bones get put under pressure, they adapt.

Do strength training and your bones will do all they can to help you with the weights. So, forget about weak bones. With the right weights, you’ll become stronger.

Even postmenopausal women had seen improved bone mineral density without injuries.

2. Strength training improves performance in endurance sports.

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Even if your sport is running, biking or swimming, that’s not a reason to opt out of strength training.

Strength training helps in endurance sports by making athletes faster and more efficient.

3. Strength training improves mental health.

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To those who have Type 2 Diabetes, strength training helps in their treatment.

Likewise, elderly adults with age-related cognitive impairment had improved mental abilities with strength training.

It’s also been found effective in treating depression.

4. Strength training helpwith chronic pain.

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It may sound contradictory but strength training helps with whole-body inflammation in the long run, proving a big help for those with fibromyalgia, specifically women with this condition.

5. Strength training improves liver health.

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If you think your liver is just fine, studies show that 20-30% of Americans have fatty liver disease. This even affects people who aren’t overweight. Guess what. Yes, that’s right. Strength training reduces fat deposits even without any weight loss happening.