Alternative Workouts to Hitting the Gym

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Gym membership has its costs and sure advantages. One could easily have a good place to get a good workout, no doubt about that.

That said, getting a good workout outside the gym just takes ingenuity and some guidelines to make the most out each exercise. This article takes care of both.

The great ways of getting fit are still free.


1. Walking. Definitely a great alternative to those who can safely walk to school or to the workplace. Use this chance to save some money and get healthy.Image result for fit women walking

Likewise, walking has great mental and physical benefits.

Research shows that to feel walking’s results, 30-45 minutes a day is what’s needed.


2. Swimming. As a gym alternative, it’s a good way to hang out with friends.

Being easy on the joints, it’s also recommended for injured athletes.Image result for fit women swimming with friends for fitness

Burn 207 calories and get an all-over body workout in just a half an hour of swimming.

So, keep your heart rate up, build: endurance, muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, keep a healthy: weight, heart and lungs, tone muscles and build strength by taking a dip.


3. Learning a new form of martial arts. Learn powerful new ways of using your body, get challenged, get focused and become less impulsive.Image result for fit women learning a new form of martial arts for fitness

An excellent exercise, martial arts is cardio and strengthening with flexibility and balance all in one.

Choose from karate and tae kwon do which are mainly on striking and blocking. If you like more on wrestling and grappling, try judo or jiu-jitsu.


4. Yoga. With yoga as an alternative to hitting the gym, you get to improve your flexibility, build muscle strength, perfect your posture, tone muscles, burn calories, prevent cartilage and joint breakdown, and lessen stress at the same time.Image result for fit women doing yoga for fitness

Get yoga’s benefits by doing at least 3 or 4 asanas every day. Experts advise a minimum of 10 minutes of practice daily. For different postures including breathing or meditation, 15 to 25 minutes a day is okay.


5. Running on the stairs. The steeper, the better.Image result for fit woman Running on the stairs for fitness

Stair running is a high-intensity workout building speed, power and cardiovascular fitness.

Amp your core muscle strength. Strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, abs and calves. Likewise, tone your butt like never before and burn calories in less time. Amazing!


6. Hula hoop. Check out if there’s a hula hoop lying around. The moment you find one, you already have a low-impact but highly effective gym alternative without leaving the house.Image result for fit women doing hula hoop for fitness

This child’s toy can work out your arm, leg and core muscles plus improve joint flexibility and balance.

Just 30 minutes of hula hoop with twirling motions around the arms, waist, and legs burn 7 calories per minute.


7. Sport. Why pay for gym membership when you get easily bored? Working out doesn’t have to become monotonous. Indulge in sports instead.Image result for fit woman playing a sport for fitness

Get rid of stress and the extra flab. Develop friendships in the process as well.

A 30-minute sport, 3 times a week will keep you fit, happy and healthy.