Banish 100 Calories in Just 4 Minutes a Day

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It’s about time 100 calories got burned in just 4 minutes.

With these exercises, you would. Fact is, if you’re in good physical condition already, you can finish the exercises here in under 3 minutes.

Do the following:


Jumping Jacks

* Stand with feet together and hands on sides.

* Simultaneously raise your arms above your head and jump just enough to spread your feet wide.

* Reverse the movement and repeat.

Repeat 10 times.



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Tip: Do this move as if you’re going to sit. This will drive your hips back.

* Squat as deep as you comfortably can. Those with knee issues shouldn’t go deeper than 90 degrees. Keep thighs parallel to floor.

* Keep heels on the floor.

* Think of driving your heels into the ground as you straighten your legs to return to the starting position.

* Keep knees in line with toes.

* Don’t let knees cave in. Press them outward so they’re aligned with feet as you squat.

* Let torso tilt naturally. Just don’t collapse your chest or round your shoulders forward.

Squat 10 times.



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* Start in a high plank position.

* Place hands on the floor directly under shoulders.

* Ground toes on the floor.

* Brace core by tightening abs as if you’re getting ready to take a punch. Engage glutes and hamstrings. Flatten back so body is as straight as possible.


* Lower body by keeping back flat and eyes focused at about 3 feet in front to keep a neutral neck until chest grazes the floor. Keep body straight. Tuck elbows close to body.


* Exhale as you push back to starting position.

Do 10 pushups. If you like, you can do pushups against a wall and not on the floor.


Stepping or Lunging


* Stand with feet hip-width apart, chest out, shoulders back and hands on sides.

* Take a moderate-length step forward with one foot. Descend to a point where your rear knee almost touches the floor. Do this while keeping body’s upright posture.

* Push back up from your foot in the forward position so feet are now beside each other.

* Repeat the lunging or stepping process on the opposite side.

Do 10 repetitions on each leg.


You may do this set of exercises in four repetitions. Pause for 1 minute between each set.