Dual Purpose 7-Day Weight-Loss Challenge

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This challenge serves a dual purpose: it enables you to lose inches from your waist, hips and thighs and it jumpstarts a healthy lifestyle change.

The thing is, once the 7 days are over, you can keep the workout and of course, our 4 valuable tips, which we termed “rules of the challenge”.

1. No to junk food. You know what they are: candies, chocolates, chips, cookies, cakes, fast-food, muffins, ice-cream, donuts, white bread, white rice, fried meals, pastries, soda, alcohol drinks, protein bars and store-bought juices.

Best way to do avoid the temptation of eating junk food is to prepare everything you eat at home. Not only would you know what goes in your food, you can control the calories as well. You’ll discover how easy it is to do the change from processed foods to a clean eating plan. 

2. Eat more fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, lean protein, and low-fat dairy. In relation to rule number 1, pump up your diet with these foods and you’ll automatically stay away from sodium and refined sugar which contribute to bloating.

3. Drink 5 liters of water. It may sound too much but the sign you’re properly hydrated is your urine appears clear.

Start with 2.5 liters of water daily and eliminate a glass every day to see the number of glasses that work for you. Excess water still carries weight, you know.

Being properly hydrated can miraculously control your appetite and flush out toxins, making you fit and healthy at the same time.

4. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.You may choose weight training, cardio or any other kind of workout. If you do not want to exercise, you may walk for one hour a day.

Better yet, follow our suggested workout below.



1. Leg RaiseImage result for woman doing Leg Raise gif

2. PlankImage result for woman doing Plank gif3. Hip ExtensionsImage result for woman doing Hip Extensions

4. March in PlaceImage result for woman doing march in place exercise gif


1. Military PressImage result for woman doing Military Press exercise gif

2. Sumo SquatImage result for woman doing Plié/Sumo Squat gif

3. Stiff Legged Deadlift with DumbbellsImage result for woman doing Stiff Legged Deadlift with Dumbbells gif

4. Oblique CrunchesImage result for woman doing oblique Crunches gif5. High Knees in PlaceImage result for woman doing High Knees in Place gif


1. Goblet SquatImage result for woman doing Goblet Squat gif

2, Knee TouchesRelated image

3. Triceps KickbacksImage result for woman doing Tricep Kickbacks gif


4. Plank Leg Lift ExerciseImage result for woman doing Rear Leg Extension gif


Rest Day – Take a brisk 30 minute walkImage result for woman doing brisk walking exercise gif


1. March in PlaceImage result for woman doing march in place exercise gif

2. Traditional CrunchImage result for Traditional Crunch

3. Chair SquatImage result for woman doing Chair Squat gif

4. Wall Push-UpImage result for woman doing Wall Push-Up gif

5. Bodyweight Glute BridgeImage result for woman doing Glute Bridge gif


1. Toe ReachImage result for Toe Reach

2. LungesImage result for woman doing Alternating Lunges gif

3. Lying Oblique TwistImage result for Lying Oblique Twist

4. Bodyweight SquatImage result for woman doing Bodyweight Squat gif

5. High Knees in PlaceImage result for woman doing High Knees in Place gif


1. RussianTwistImage result for woman doing Russian/Mason Twist gif

2. Knee Push-UpsImage result for woman doing Knee Push-Ups gif

3. Alternating Reverse LungeImage result for Alternating Reverse Lunge

4. Reverse CrunchImage result for woman doing Reverse Crunch gif

5. Knee TouchesRelated image