Quick Strength and Cardio Stair Workout Doable Anywhere

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The stairs are the best options to squeeze in some calorie burning during the day.

With the workouts in this article, stairs are the only ones you’ll need.

Build strength in your lower body and burn calories way after you’re long done.


* Do each exercise for 30 seconds.

* Do as many reps as possible with good form. It doesn’t matter how long the stairs are.

* After finishing the set, rest for 2 minutes.

* Repeat the entire set.

* Use the handrail if needed and watch your feet.


Cardio: Stair RunImage result for woman stair run gif
* Face bottom of the stairs.

* Run up quickly on each step.

* Pump arms next to the sides as you move.

* Once at the top, walk down the stairs carefully.

* Repeat.


Strength: Walking LungeImage result for woman Walking Lunge in stairs
* Face bottom of the stairs.

* Step right foot on the next step and bend both knees as you lower into a lunge, keeping front knee tracking over shoe.

* Push-off with right foot and use arms to help propel left foot on the next step and lower into another lunge.

* Continue alternating legs until you reach the top of the stairs.

* Walk or jog down.

* Repeat.


Cardio: Sideways Stair RunImage result for woman Repeat Stair Run gif

* Start at the bottom with right side of the body closest to the stairs.

* Leading with right foot, run up the stairs sideways. (Pretend your feet are chasing each other. Right foot goes first but as the left foot starts to approach the first step, make sure the right foot is up on the second step.)

* When you get to the top, walk down the stairs normally.

* Repeat.


Strength: Push-UpsImage result for woman Push-Ups at the stairs gif
* Place hands on first or second step with legs extended behind so you’re in plank position. (The higher the step your hands are on, the easier the push-up will be.)

* Make sure hands are shoulder-width apart. Bend elbows and slowly lower chest to the step.

* Exhale as you press chest back up to starting position, keeping core tight throughout.

* Repeat.


Cardio: Triceps DipsImage result for woman triceps dip on stairs gif
* Sit on floor facing away from stairs with back against first step.

* Place hands behind, shoulder-width apart, on the first step.

* Lift hips so arms are straight, keeping shoulders down and away from ears.

* Tighten abdominal muscles.

* Bend elbows keeping them right next to the body and lower hips almost to the ground.

* Press back up, squeezing triceps and straightening arms.

* Repeat.


Strength: Squat JumpsImage result for woman squat jumps on stairs gif

* Begin at the bottom with feet hip-width apart and arms next to sides.

* Lower hips to a squat position, tighten abs, then swing arms forward and jump up on the next step, with both feet landing together. If the steps are too close together, skip one.

* Land in a squat position.

* Swing arms behind, then swing arms forward and jump to the next step.

* Repeat to the top of the staircase.

* Walk down.