Top 8 Exercises for Toning Up in 2 Weeks

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There’s no presto, one, two, three in they gym when it comes to dropping one size.

But if you have the right strategy, results are faster than the blink of an eye. How does 2 weeks sound?

How? Target muscles that respond best to strength training: arms, shoulders, calves and lower abs.

Within 4 weeks: see sexy definition in your butt, hips and thighs.

Within 6 weeks: you’re slimmer and more toned.

Do 2 sets 3 or 4 days a week.


Toning Move 1: Squat and Shoulder Press

For: butt, thighs, armsToning Move 1: Squat and Shoulder Press

* With feet at hip-width apart, hold 5-pound weights in each hand with arms bent and palms facing in.

* Bend knees to squat.

* Pause.

* Stand.

* Press arms straight up over shoulders.

Do 8 – 12 reps.


Toning Move 2: Pull Combo  

For: butt, thighs, abs

Toning Move 2: Pull Combo

* Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms bent at 90 degrees, left hand near hip and right hand up by the face (sprinter pose).

* Bend and lift left knee to chest.

* Lean torso forward.

* Extend left arm forward and left leg back.

* Return to standing position.

* Step left foot behind.

* Lower into a lunge position, arms back in sprinter position.

* Pause.

* Rise up quickly, swinging arms so they change positions, lifting knee towards chest while rising up to toes of right foot.

Do this sequence 8 – 12 times then switch legs to repeat.


Toning Move 3: Crossover Lunge 

For: calves, hamstrings, buttToning Move 3: Crossover Lunge

* Stand with arms at shoulder height, palms down.

* Step forward with right foot, crossing it in front of left foot.

* Lower into a curtsy-like lunge (right knee shouldn’t go past toes) while twisting torso right.

* Untwist by pushing off right foot.

* Return to start.

* Do 8 – 12 reps.

* Switch legs and repeat.


Toning Move 4: Inchworm  

For: abs, chest, armsToning Move 4: Inchworm

* Bend forward.

* Place hands on floor in front of toes.

* Walk hands forward until you get into a plank.

* Do a pushup.

* Inch back to start

Do 8 -12 reps.


Toning Move 5: Standing Lift 

For: obliques, back, shouldersToning Move 5: Standing Lift

* Stand with left foot in front of right foot.

* Holding one weight with both hands, extend arms so weight is by right hips.

* Rotate arms up and across.

* Pause.

* Return to start.

* Do 8 – 12 reps.

* Switch sides and repeat.


Toning Move 6: Side Plank

For: abs, obliques, butt, hips, thighsToning Move 6: Side Plank

* Lie on right side with legs extended, hips and feet stacked.

* Prop yourself up on right forearm, elbow under shoulder. Place left hand on waist.

* Slowly lift hips off the floor as high as you can.

* Hold for 15 – 30 seconds.

* Lower to start.

* Switch sides and repeat.


Toning Move 7: Biceps Curl  

For: biceps, shoulders, backToning Move 7: Biceps Curl

* Stand holding a weight in each hand with arms down and palms facing thighs.

* Curl weights toward shoulders while rotating palms up towards your chest as you lift.

* Pause.

* Lower to start.

Do 12 – 15 reps.


Toning Move 8: Kickback 

For: triceps, back

Toning Move 8: Kickback

* Stand with right foot in front of left foot.

* Holding a weight in left hand, lean forward with back flat.

* Bend left elbow at 90 degrees.

* Slowly extend arm back, lifting weight as high as you can.

* Pause.

* Lower and repeat.

* Do 12 – 15 reps.

* Switch sides and repeat.