Why I Workout and How I Stay Motivated

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A lot of things can go wrong when gaining more muscle. The topmost worry is one can get injured. But for me, it’s not being able to carry through and make fitness a way of life.

Many believe that those with big muscles did what they did to boost their ego. Maybe. But wanting to build bigger arms and a stronger chest don’t work out in the long run. All you need is hunger and tiredness and it’s goodbye gym time and hello to a ruined physique.

Your reason for wanting a good physique should get overridden by your desire to work very hard in the gym. Pick any other reason besides the superficial ones and you’re good to go.

My reason for working out hard is to boost my metabolism because having a healthy weight will help me live long.

Work out 4 times a week at high intensity levels with small amount of reps. Four to 6 reps is the ideal.

I do 3 sets each of 4-6 reps.

To find out whether you’ll go for a 4 or 6, your last 2 reps should make you feel you can’t go on without help. Otherwise, it’s useless.

Never cheat and work each body part with 3 machines. Workout 2 body parts everyday. That equals to 6 different exercises per day.

Here’s what I do.

Monday: Chest and Back

Tuesday: Arms and Shoulders

Wednesday: Legs and Abs

Thursday: Chest and Back

Friday: Arms and Shoulders

Saturday: Legs and Abs

If it looks easy on paper, it’s because it is. Hey, I want to live long. What about you?