10 Abs Exercises that Build and Burn

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Ever wondered why, when it comes to working out our chest, back, arms and legs, we use weights to properly develop our targeted muscles, and why, when it comes to abs we totally ditch those trusted weights and do endless crunches instead?

Developing abs gets even more difficult once you ditch weights.

Replace bodyweight abs exercises, with these weighted ones with 8-12 reps:


1. Russian Twists Image result for woman weighted Russian Twists

* Lie on the floor or a mat with knees bent and feet flat.

* Tuck feet under a heavy object or get a workout partner to hold them down.

* Lift upper body so torso and thighs are in a V-shape.

* Extend arms in front, parallel to the ground with either a dumbbell, weight plate, kettlebell or medicine ball.

* Hold it out with arms straight and keeping abs contracted, twist torso to the right, bringing arms out to the right as well.

* Rotate back to the center.

* Twist to the left.


2. Kettlebell Windmills

* Place a kettlebell in front of your lead foot , clean and press it overhead with the opposite arm.

* Clean the kettlebell to shoulder by extending through the legs and hip as you pull the kettlebell towards shoulders.

* Rotate wrist as you do, so palm faces forward.

* Press it overhead by extending the elbow.

* Keeping the kettlebell locked out at all times, push butt out in the direction of the locked out kettlebell.

* Turn feet at a forty-five degree angle from the arm with the locked out kettlebell.

* Bending at the hip to one side, sticking butt out, slowly lean until you can touch the floor with your free hand.

* Pause for a second after reaching the ground.

* Reverse the motion back to the starting position.


3. Hanging Leg Raises

Image result for woman Hanging Leg Raises

* Grab a bar and just hang. Let the momentum disappear and do nothing until body is still and legs are straight.

* Flex all muscles especially the abs.

* Slowly raise feet up to the bar, remembering to keep legs straight.

* Lower legs and repeat.

* The duration should have the momentum of 5-8 seconds up, 5-8 down.


4. Gorilla Chin/Crunch Image result for woman Gorilla Chin/Crunch

* Hang from a chin-up bar using an underhand grip (palms facing you) at slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

* Bend knees at a 90 degree angle so calves are parallel to the floor while the thighs remain perpendicular.

* As you exhale, pull yourself up while crunching knees up at the same time until your knees are at chest level acheter viagra generique. Stop going up as soon as your nose is at the same level as the bar. Tip: When you get to this point you should also be finishing the crunch.

* Slowly start to inhale as you return to the starting position.


5. Barbell Ab Rollouts Image result for woman Barbell Ab Rollouts

* Hold an Olympic 5-10lb barbell on each side and kneel on the floor.

* With the barbell in front, go on all hands and knees in a kneeling, push up position.

* Slowly roll barbell straight forward, stretching body straight. Go down as far as you can without your body touching the floor. Breathe in while doing this.

* After pausing for a second at the stretched position, pull back to starting position as you breathe out.


6. Cable Crunches Related image

* Kneel below a high pulley with a rope attachment.

* Grasp cable rope attachment and lower the rope until hands are next to face.

* Flex hips slightly and let the weight to hyperextend the lower back.

* Keeping hips stationary, flex the waist as you contract the abs so that elbows travel towards the middle of the thighs. Exhale and hold this position for a second.

* Slowly return to the starting position as you inhale.


7. Side Jackknifes Image result for woman Side Jackknifes with ankle weights

* Lie on your side with right leg on top of left.

* Put right hand behind head, elbow flared out, and the other on the floor in front for balance.

* Contract obliques to bring right leg and elbow together, then lower slowly.

* Do all reps on one side before swapping.

* You can strap on some ankle weights.


8. SidePlank with Dumbbell Image result for woman SidePlank with Dumbbell gif

* Put a light dumbbell, about 3-5lbs in front.

* Start on your side with feet together with one forearm below shoulder.

* Contract core and raise hips until body is in a straight line from head to feet.

* Hold the position without dropping hips.

* Get the dumbbell and slowly raise and lower the weight.

* Repeat on the other side.


9. Exercise Ball Pull-In Image result for woman Exercise Ball Pull-In

* Start like you’re doing a pushup, but place feet and shins over an exercise or stability ball.

* Keep back straight.

* Supporting your weight with hands, slowly pull knees towards chest in a controlled way so the ball rolls forward under ankles.

* Crunch and squeeze abdominal muscles, hold for a count, then roll back to starting position.


10. Press Sit-Up  image

* Lie down on a bench with a barbell resting on chest.

* Position legs so they’re secure on the extension of the abdominal bench.

* Before doing the sit-up, inhale by tightening abdominals and glutes. Do a sit-up and press the barbell to an overhead position while exhaling.

* Breathing in, lower upper body back to starting position, bringing the barbell down to chest.