30 Minutes to an Impressive Back

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With the time limitations we all have, it seems building an impressive back needs to get put in the back burner.

However, a mere 10 minutes of training the back’s 3 main parts: lower, middle and upper, will make anyone’s back grow. It’s going to become time well spent in the gym.

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Here are tough but effective exercises for your back: 

Lower Back 

Work out this area first with the heaviest weight you can because it takes the most beating from the usual daily activities.

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Do deadlifts. Deadlifts stimulate the whole back but it targets the lower back the most. Likewise, you’ll get to handle heavy reps with this move provided you use the correct form.

Complete 5 sets of deadlifts in 10 minutes. Use the first two sets for your warmup. The moment you get to the last three sets, gradually increase the weight.


Middle Back 

Popularly known as the lats, the middle back gets a good workout with two compound movements in a super-set.

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Do lat pulldown or pull-ups for your first exercise then combine it with a superset of cable rows.

Aim for 3 super-sets in 10 minutes.

Upper Back

Because this part already got some workout from the deadlift, you may use moderate weights now.

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Barbell shrugs and upright rows are recommended. Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps for each.