4 Medicine Ball Exercises to Build Your 6-Pack

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Not only is the medicine ball one of the oldest tools used in strengthening and conditioning, its ability to help attack the abdominal muscles on all sides improving core muscles’ strength, means it’s the most efficient tool for killer abs.


1. Kneeling Partner TwistImage result for Kneeling Partner Twist with a medicine ball

* Both you and a partner need to kneel with your backs to one another. Make sure to keep your abs contracted to keep your posture during the entire movement.

* Slowly bring the ball to one side to pass to your partner.

* Twist towards the other direction to retrieve the ball.

* Do this for 30 to 90 seconds before switching sides.


2. Wood Choppers Image result for woman Wood Choppers with a medicine ball gif

* Start with the feet a little wider than hip distance apart, with knees slightly bent.

* Bring the medicine ball to your left shoulder.

* On exhale, pull abs to spine, and “chop” the ball down diagonally across the body toward right knee. Imagine you’re chopping wood at this angle and the ball is your axe.

* Focus on the rotation coming from your torso.

* Control the ball back up to the starting position. This is 1 rep.

* Do 3 sets of 15 reps on each side.

3. Medicine Ball Chest Pass (with or without a Partner) Image result for woman Medicine Ball Chest Pass

* If you don’t have a partner, you can do this exercise against a wall.

* Face partner holding the medicine ball at  chest level with both hands.

* Pull the ball to your chest, and reverse the motion by extending through the elbows.

* Your partner should catch the ball, and throw it back to you.

* Receive the throw of your partner, or the bounce against the wall, with both hands at chest height.

* Do as many reps as desired.


4. Med Ball TwistImage result for woman Side to Side Oblique Twists with a medicine ball gif

* Sit on the floor with feet up, holding the medicine ball in front.

* Lean backwards just a bit, then twist body from side to side.

* Make the medicine ball touch the floor for each side.

* Do 15 reps.