5 Strategies for a Ripped Athlete or Model Body

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There’s something to be said about the bodies of models and many athletes. Though everyone else on the fitness spectrum are fit, they seem to have an edge.

Sorry if I’m wrong, but their bodies are the epitome of what getting ripped is.

Here, we have the different ways on how they do it.

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Rule 1: Have a Carbohydrate Strategy

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Entirely removing carbs is bad news. You’ll feel cranky and tired.

Likewise, the body will burn up the muscle it has to give you energy.

To get ripped, a balance of the right amount of carbs first thing in the morning and after a workout is recommended.

Rule 2: Eat More Fat

Fat doesn’t make you fat but too much food makes you fat.

Do you know that eating more fat helps curb cravings usually felt after a card intake?

Fats curb hunger because it takes the body longer to break down, use, or store it.

Rule 3: Swap Veggies for Fruits

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Fruits are great. With their nutrients and antioxidants, they protect the body. However, they’re also full of sugars (carbs).

Swap in veggies or fruits people consider as vegetables, for fruit.

This move lets you keep the nutrients and antioxidants, but reduces your overall sugar/carb and total calorie intake.

A great example: 1 apple has 125 calories and 25 grams of carbs. One large red pepper—technically a fruit but generally prepared like a vegetable—has 40 calories and 5g of carbs.

Rule 4: Ditch Cardio for Weights and Circuits

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When one does cardio, one burns calories but misses the muscle growth stimulation from weight training.

If you need to do cardio, do 1 day of 20 minutes of fast-slow intervals.

Rule 5: Lay Off the Sauce

Alcohol causes fat to get stored. Your body will hold on to any food until the liver excretes the alcohol.

Alcohol also decreases testosterone, which is critical for creating muscle.

Next time, stick to one or two light beers or hard liquor with a diet soda mixer.