6 Gym Fails Ruining Your Chances for Bigger Biceps

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Even if you have the best set of workout for your guns, some wrong moves will put all your hard work in vain.

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Successfully put muscle in those shirt sleeves by avoiding these mistakes.

Number 6: Using Momentum 

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Poor form is using momentum by bending forward at the waist and swinging so you can use more weight. It takes the tension off your biceps, rendering your workout a waste of time. Force biceps to work. Observe proper form.

Number 5: Leaning Back

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No bending forward but definitely no leaning back as well. That is, if you don’t want to injure your lower spine.

Don’t take the tension off your biceps. Just stay upright no matter what until you can’t do one more rep.

Number 4: Lifting the Elbows/Shoulders

Another way of taking tension off the biceps is by lifting your elbows or shoulders at the top of a curl. Anterior delts will take the load off your biceps and lessen its work.

Number 3: Curling with the Forearms

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Getting a better pump or burn in your forearms than in your biceps when doing curls ain’t good. Whether it’s a case of having strength imbalance or a technical issue, never start your curls by contracting your forearms first. Instead, keep wrists in line or even slightly back from the forearms, to prevent forearms from stretching and contracting.

Number 2: Training the Biceps After the Lats

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If it’s bicep growth that you want, train the lats and biceps separately. Lat movements has pulling motions putting most work on the biceps thus compromising the intensity you put in your curls.

Likewise, train the lats first before the biceps.

Number 1: Ignoring the Negatives 

Never ignore contractions or negatives because they start muscle growth.

Simply lower the weight over 3-4 seconds on every rep. This is okay even if you have to go lighter.

Expect inches to manifest on your arms than just curling or letting the barbell or dumbbell drop to the bottom.