6 Thoughts to Have to Start Getting Fit When Heavily Overweight

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Exercising is good. We all know that. But when one is not a tad overweight, jumping into a running regimen or a Crossfit workout is harmful to one’s health.

Getting fit isn’t easy. But for those who are already heavily overweight, it’s not only hard to do what thinner people do when exercising, starting out is even more difficult.

Here’s what you should start thinking and doing:


Cut Yourself Some Slack 

Being heavily overweight is not always a person’s fault. Genes and medical conditions are factors no one can control.

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When it comes to deciding on becoming fit, focusing on clothes size, waistline, reflection in the mirror, and so on are all short-term motivators that won’t keep you working out for long. Relying on them guarantees any stumbles you have along the way will make you feel horrible about yourself and set you back to zero.

Instead, concentrate on the long-term benefits, and use these immediate ones as a motivational push.


Getting Fit is a Skill You Improve At

Health and fitness is a learning process. It’s something one gets better at by working at it. A healthy lifestyle is not something you just get up to and do in one day.

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It’s like riding a bike. We fell. We scraped a knee. Did we stop to ride it? Didn’t we all just continued? In time, we got better and learned how to control the bike when it hits a different terrain.

That’s how getting fit is like. It’s making positive changes that stand the test of time.


Find Something You Enjoy Doing and Start 

Knowing what exercise will work is a struggle. How much of a type of exercise should you do? How can you tell if it’s working? How can you get your diet and exercise money’s worth?

Just ignore these questions. If you focus on them, you’ll get on the wrong track.

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There are people who took up running or spinning because they thought that’s what they need. They hated it, but kept going until something happened and they missed a day. That was all it took for them to stop working out.

Find things you enjoy doing, at any activity level. Don’t think you have to do an hour of cardio or strength training every other day for the rest of your life. Start slow on something you can do, even if it’s just once a week.


Focus on what You Can Do Right Now, Not on the Finish Line

Once you figured out what you want to do—a karate class, a half-hour of Wii Fit after work every day, or hand weights while you watch TV—start.

Start slow. Never expect an explosive beginning.

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Don’t think you have to accelerate things just like the others. Many of them already had a head start by months and even years working out. Even it it’s just a few modified bodyweight exercises like pushups from counter tops and bodyweight squats, just do it.

Starting light is important in building good fitness habits. Is it all you’ll ever do? No, of course not. It’s just the start.


Think of Working Out Like a Video Game: Keep Your Life Bar Full

Don’t become afraid to adjust your workout plans as necessary. You have to keep your motivation battery full.

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If you love playing ping-pong, but your joints and knees ache every time you play, you may want to tone it back a bit so you don’t hurt yourself doing what you love. Mix it with other activities you love doing as well.


Don’t Do It Alone 

You’ll have greater chance of success if you begin your fitness journey with the help and support of friends or loved ones. There’s something to be said for keeping your goals private so you don’t feel bad when you have setbacks and you have to announce them, but having a support network is also important.

As an alternative, you can look for a workout buddy. Get your spouse or partner to take up the banner of fitness with you. You’re more likely to succeed getting fit if both of you eat well and exercise.

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If you need outside help, get a trainer. He or she doesn’t have to be expensive. With a trainer, you get to workout with someone who won’t judge you. If you’re the type who hates exercising with other people or doesn’t like the idea of a gym full of judgmental glares, a trainer is for you.