6 Ways to Make Treadmill Workouts Safe and Effective

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Using a treadmill is great in losing weight because one can do an intense aerobic exercise.

We all know treadmills are receiving a bad rap. Sure, a treadmill doesn’t offer everything that an outdoor run can But this can get easily fixed by running at a 1 percent incline to mimic outdoor wind resistance.

As it turns out, a treadmill isn’t always the cause of injuries like shin splints or knee pain. Many already have a predisposition to an injury which is only exacerbated by the overuse of this machine.

The recommended time to become aware of one’s own body and its injuries is just to spend 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Here are other ways to make those treadmill workouts safe and effective.



Plan ahead

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Have a strategy to avoid boredom and really make progress. Consider speed interval, incline intervals, and a combination of both. You’ll see yourself logging in more miles in less time.


Take Hands Off the Rails During Inclines 

If you feel like you need to grip the rails, you’re going too fast.

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Holding on to a treadmill’s rails isn’t good for the back and it’s not going to make you work out more.


Step Back From the Display Console 

Running too close to the display console will make you shorten your strides and run or walk with an unnatural posture. This isn’t going to do your workout any good.

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Just give yourself and the console enough distance. No worries. You won’t fall. However, if you have this fear that you might, you can always clip the emergency stop cord to your shirt.


Stretch Arms and Shoulders First 

It isn’t just the legs doing all the work in a treadmill workout. Your upper body also does its part. Arms and shoulders help you balance and drive forward. You need to warm them up.

* Grab the ends of a towel with both hands, holding it taut behind your head.

* While keeping the tension in the towel, bend one arm, then the other, slowly moving the towel back and forth behind your neck.


Observe Proper Form 

* Keep arms parallel to your legs for a more stable running form. Your core will get a better workout.

* Relaxed hands should move up and down and not side to side.

You’ll be able to do more and hurt less.


No to Smartphones

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It’s easy to get sidelined on a treadmill when one naturally automatically checks every message beep. This is dangerous. This is when treadmills become dangerous not for being a machine, but because of what people do while on the machine.

No one texts while running outside. What makes the treadmill an exception?

People who use other phone functions other than for a workout playlist while on the treadmill are the ones who turn out less physically fit.