A Total-Body Routine in Under 7 Minutes

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If you’re like almost everyone who doesn’t have 20 minutes to exercise each day, you can still benefit from a workout. Fact is, you’ll only need 7 minutes.

Here, we have 5 short, but highly efficient exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere.


Hand Plank with Crisscrossed Legs

* Get into a hand plank with your core tight and legs wide.

* Open up left arm by raising it while simultaneously kicking right leg through so legs get crisscrossed.

* Aim for a 15-to-30-second hold and switch sides.


Knee-to-Elbow HoldsImage result for woman Knee-to-Elbow Holds gif

* Starting from a plank position, bring left knee to left elbow.

* Hold for 30 seconds.

* Rest for 30 seconds.

* Switch sides.


Single Leg Glute Bridge

* Lie on the ground with knees bent, hands on the floor, and fingers pointing forward naisten viagra.

* Using triceps, push butt off the ground as you draw one knee toward chest.

* Drive through the heel of your stationary leg.

* Straighten raised leg and lift butt.

* Hold up to 1 minute on each leg.


Glute Bridge Image result for woman Reverse Bridge Holds

* Lie on back with bent knees at hip-distance apart.

* Engaging the core, squeeze glutes as you lift hips to a bridge.

* Hold for 5 seconds, squeezing tight and returning to the mat in a controlled way.

* Do AMRAP in 1 minute.


Side Plank Reach and Touch

* From a side plank position, take the elbow of the free arm to the adjacent knee.

* Bring back leg to original position and reach with the free arm overhead.

* Work out up to 30 seconds on each side with a 30-second rest between sides.