Easiest Way to Burn 130 Calories

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Soaking in a hot bath has the same result as doing a 30-minute walk. That’s equivalent to 130 calories burned just for staying in the tub! Just imagine the amount of calories you’ll blast off if you do both.

The cause for this amazing turnout is our heat shock proteins that react to water temperature and to any physical activity.

Of course the temperature of the water, how long you stay in it and what particular activity plus how long you do it have a lot to say.

A study had 14 men in a 1-hour bike ride. The calories they burned got measured. In another part of the study, they got put in a 1-hour bath in a 104-degree-Fahrenheit water.

Though it did show that the cycling activity burned more calories than the hot bath, the study still revealed that the body burned 130 calories after soaking up, the same amount of calories one would burn if one walks for 30 minutes.

Other great results of soaking up in a hot bath and getting passive heating (like being in a sauna):Image result for sauna

* improves insulin performance

* reduces inflammation

* lowers blood pressure

* helps ward off cardiovascular diseases reducing one’s risk of having a heart attack or stroke