Goal: Watermelon-Sized Delts

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The deltoids surround the shoulder joint – the joint that connects your arm to your body. They have an important role in the mobility of your shoulders making you do a wide range of motion.

These ranges in motion are important when you’re building your physique.

Here are 8 ways for turning your dreams of watermelon-sized deltoids a reality.

1 – Make the overhead press your bench press.

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2 – Alternate barbell and dumbbell overhead presses.

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3 – Limit overhead pressing to once a week.

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4 – If overhead pressing bothers your shoulders, don’t do it. It’s okay.

5 – Do lateral raises 2-4 times per week.

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6 – Don’t chase weight on lateral raises.

7 – Make friends with landmine lateral raises.

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8 – Do “upper back” work every training session.

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Sample 4-Day Program for Big Delts

Workout 1

  Exercise Sets Reps
A Overhead Press 5 5
B1 Inverted Row (add weight if necessary) 4 10 *
B2 Low Incline Dumbbell Press (neutral grip) 3 10
C1 Lying Triceps Extension 3 10
C2 3-Way Shoulder Finisher 3 8
Do 8 reps of all three exercises – reverse flies, external rotations, and face pulls – for a total of 24 reps per set.
C2 * 3 8
C3 Rollout 3 12


Workout 2 – Lower Body Work

Lateral Raises 4 x 20

Band Pull-Aparts 5 x 20


Workout 3

  Exercise Sets Reps
A1 Landmine Press 5 8
A2 Chin-up (add weight if necessary) 5 5/arm
B1 One-Arm Dumbbell Bench Press 3 8/arm
B2 Chest Supported Row/Reverse Fly Combo 3 10
C1 Landmine Lateral Raise 3 10/arm
C2 Incline Dumbbell Curl 3 8
C3 Suitcase Carry 3  
This is essentially a farmer’s walk with only one dumbbell. Distance will be determined largely by space, but shoot for around 25 yards, then switch sides and repeat.


Workout 4 – Lower Body Work

Lateral Raises 4 x 20

Band Pull-Aparts 4 x 20