My 10 Ways to Triple Calorie Burn

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You can lose triple the amount of calories you regularly burn by doing new moves that entirely shake up your routine!


Ditch Go-To Moves 

Ditch your usual treadmill. There’s worlds of fitness out there.

Swing a kettlebell or go to a Zumba class, do jumping rope or battle ropes, sprint or do sled. Variety will make you stick to your exercise habit and beat the dreaded fitness plateau.

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Even little changes add up:

* Increase weight and decrease reps

* Up the intensity

* Set a goal


If you don’t want to ditch your old moves, at least one day a week, do a different activity. If you’re a walker, hit the pool. If you’re a cyclist, use the rowing machine. Or try one of the options above. It’s just once a week.



Do at Least 1 Full-Body Workout per Week with Weights 

Full-body workouts increase metabolism because of the large amount of muscles used. Combining this with correctly lifting weights burn major fat by increasing your metabolism.


Do Bridge Drag


* Lie on back with heels and calves on a stability ball, arms by sides.

* Press shoulder blades into floor and lift hips so body forms a straight line from shoulders to heels.

* Tighten core and slowly drag both heels in toward butt, bending knees and keeping body lifted.

* Without dropping hips, slowly extend both legs back to previous position.

* Do 3 sets of 15 reps.



Do Lat-Pull Lean-Back


* Kneel in front of a stability ball with forearms on the ball.

* Roll ball out to come into a plank position on knees, chest lifted off ball. Body should be in straight diagonal line from head to knees.

* Retract shoulder blades and pull, dragging ball in toward body; pick up the ball and hold it in front, leaning back from knees while keeping spine long.

* Return to previous position, then roll back to starting position.

* Do 3 sets of 15 reps.



Do Knee-Cross Curtsy


* Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.

* Lift right leg straight back and up; at the same time, hinge at waist and bring hands or fingertips to the floor in front of left foot.

* Bend both knees, bringing right knee behind left knee.

* Press back up through left foot to return to previous position.

* Do 15 reps, keeping leg raised, then switch sides and repeat.

* Do 3 sets.



Do Ball Fly


* Sit on a stability ball with a 5- to 10-lb dumbbell in your right hand.

* Slowly roll down and back until head and shoulders are on the ball, feet hip-width on the floor with knees bent.

* Brace core, press heels into the floor, and raise hips up to bridge position.

* Extend right arm toward the ceiling so weight is directly above your shoulder with palm facing in; lift and straighten left leg.

* Keeping leg raised, slowly lower right arm out to the side until it’s at shoulder level.

* Use chest muscles to bring right arm back up.

* Do 15 reps, keeping leg raised, then switch sides and repeat.

* Do 3 sets.



Do Get Down, Get Up


* Stand with feet hip-distance apart in front of a bench, back to bench, hands together in front of chest.

* Bend knees and push hips back (keep knees over ankles) to come to a sitting form on bench.

* Brace core and lean torso back while lifting and straightening legs to come into V-position, balancing on sitting bones; open arms out to sides.

* Slowly lower feet and return to starting position.

* Do 3 sets of 15 reps.



Do Balancing Overhead Toss


* Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, a 6- to 8-lb medicine ball in left hand, arms out to sides.

* Bend right knee and lift leg so thigh is parallel to floor.

* Keeping knee raised, toss ball from left hand to right.

* Toss it back to left; that’s one rep.

* Do 15 reps, then switch sides and repeat.

* Do 3 sets.



Do Leg Drop


* Lie on back with arms by sides, palms down, legs long with a stability ball between lower legs.

* Engage abs and lift legs, bringing ball directly over hips.

* Keeping lower back pressed firmly into floor, slowly lower legs toward the floor (try not to let them touch the floor).

* Do 3 sets of 15 reps.



Do Single Arm Cut


* Stand with feet wide, left toes turned out, a 5- to 10-lb weight in right hand, arms by sides.

* Bend right knee and pivot right toes toward left foot, rotating body; at same time, lift weight, ending in upper-cut position with elbow bent and upper arm at shoulder level.

* Rotate back to right, bringing weight down toward right while bending knees and pivoting left foot and knee toward right.

* Extend right arm outside of right knee.

* Do 15 reps; switch sides and repeat.

* Do 3 sets.