Row 3 Ways to Get Ripped

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When it comes to cardio machines, the choices from the elliptical, stepmill, treadmill and bike all seem the same. They work the lower body. Much as we love these choices, there seems no variety.

Say hello to the rower. It’s the only cardio machine that gives you low-impact, full-body workout.

1. Rowing Sprints


* Load Your Legs: Lean slightly forward and bend legs, making shins vertical.

* Flex triceps as you reach forward.

* Drive Hard: Push explosively with the legs, open your hips, and squeeze the lats as you pull the handle.

* Finish Strong: Lean back a bit and contract your abs, glutes, and quads as you pull the handle to your belly.

* Do the 30 second sprint and 30 second rest formula.

* Go for 20-20 repetitions if you’re a beginner and then gradually, increase the number of sprints.

2. Rowing Pyramid

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* Sit on the back of the machine and lean your legs forming a pyramid.

* Go for the sprints and do 20-30 repetitions.

3. Leapfrog

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* Sit on the rowing machine in a front position with legs bent and nearly stuck to the upper body.

* Do sprints for 30 seconds and rest.

* Continue doing this workout for 30 repetitions then release.