Shapely Calves with 5 Exercises

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Ever wonder why women look great in heels? It’s because it’s the only pair of shoes that makes our calves pop.

Shapely calves have a desirous, aesthetic look.

Our genetics dictate whether we have skinny, fat, muscular, toned or bulky calves.

However, no matter what kind of calves you have, here are ways to tone them. 



Basic running tones the leg. To give special attention to calves, do sprints once a week. Sprinting uphill or while pulling a load builds muscles more quickly.Image result for woman sprinting for calves

* After warming up and running for 20 minutes, sprint for 30 – 60 seconds.

* Recover by walking or jogging slowly for half a minute to a minute.

* Repeat this sprint-recovery cycle 4 – 8 times.


Barefoot Running 

Shoes limit the motion of muscles in the lower legs. That’s why it’s better to train calves barefoot. The contraction in the lower leg is more intense. Image result for woman Barefoot Running 

* Find a smooth stretch on the beach, golf course or football field.

* After warming up by running for at least 10 to 20 minutes, take off shoes and run barefoot for the same amount of time.

You’ll feel immediately the difference in the effort needed to sustain the run.


Jump Rope 

Jump rope is a plyometric standing calf raise, making it very effective for the lower legs. Related image

* Measure jump rope to your height by standing in the center of the rope and holding the handles toward shoulders. If the top of the handle reaches slightly higher than the armpits, the rope is perfect. If not, loop it around hands until you reach correct length.

* Hold 1 handle in each hand and swing rope over, saving energy by moving the wrists more than the shoulders. Jump just high enough to clear the rope.

Jump rope for 1 or 2 minutes as a warm-up before your daily workout of running, biking or swimming.


Leg Press 

When you point and flex your feet when you do leg presses, your calves get their workout.Image result for woman leg press

* Sit on the machine and put the balls of the feet at the bottom of the push plate, where heels would be.

* Push the plate using only toes and the balls of the feet. You’ll need a lighter weight because your calves are doing most of the work, not your quadriceps.

* Repeat 10 to 12 times on each foot and build up to three sets.


Calf Raises

As the name of the exercise implies, this targets the calves so you get to jump higher, flaunt a toned pair, and improve how your lower legs look.Image result for woman calf raises gif

* With toes on the edge of a step, block or large book, rise up on toes and balls of feet.

* Slowly lower back down and drop heel below the edge.

* Repeat 10 to 12 times and build up to three sets. Keep posture straight and if needed, use a handrail for balance.