The Workout You’ll Keep Based on Your Personality

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A lot of physical activities are great. However, don’t get carried away knowing one particular workout worked wonders for one person. It worked because that person found the workout or activity that blended with her personality.

This is always the key. Technically, with some adjustments, almost all workouts are ideal for everybody. Psychologically, that’s where it narrows down and why people become, or don’t get to become fit, with workouts.

So, which is right for you so you maximize the result of your dedication to your chosen fitness routine?

Introverts: They want to do things on their own. They also want sureness that what they’re doing is really working so at-home workouts where they can concentrate is perfect.Image result for woman at home working out

However, gym workouts are also great for the introverts as long as they workout alone. Why? Same reason. They want to concentrate because this is their way to make sure their workout is working.


Extroverts: These “people person” or social butterflies thrive on social support and camaraderie. Without these essentials, they are sad, sad creatures and would quit at the drop of a hat.

Zumba, yoga…you get it. Group exercises. They like the company of like-minded people who help them keep up their regimen.Image result for zumba

Group exercises too much? Get a gym buddy instead.


Fun Seekers: Not only are they easily bored, but the fun seeker fitness buffs thrive on the excitement of change.Image result for aerial yoga

They can try one fascinating workout, aerial yoga today then try another fitness activity the next day. Better yet, they can sign up for a monthly membership with ClassPass wherein they can take different classes at different fitness studios.


Competitive Ones / Super-Achievers:  They may not admit it, but fitness buffs who are competitive and super-achievers go after something and expect results. If there are no results, they’ll drop it like hot potato.

If they’re not competitive with others, they always seek to compete with themselves with the idea of making oneself better.

If you’re the introvert, competitive, super-achiever type, committing to an event like a 10K, half or full marathon, obstacle or relay race is very much for you as the event serves as your motivator in your continuous effort to make yourself better.Image result for women in a marathon

Likewise, basketball, softball, martial arts and the likes could be some great choices for the competitive, super-achiever extroverts because these activities let them compete with others.Image result for women competing in martial arts

Competitive, type A, Introverts: Type A people are not only competitive but their detail-orientedness outweighs their competitive streak. Whether they’re doing something to compete or make themselves better, they won’t commit until they know all the details.Image result for woman working out with a trainer

If you’re this type, you’re going to maximize any workout with a trainer who can explain to you the science behind every kettlebell workout, long run and basically every routine you make.


Energizer Bunnies: These are the types who don’t care if they’re competing or not. They just want to do everything they can to the best of their abilities.

High-energy, high-intensity exercises are for them. Working out will serve as their break to tune out from their usual everyday life.Image result for women in crossfit

CrossFit perfectly fits this bill.